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Part I: Ecosystems and Nutrient Cycling


Your first assignment is to put together a simple food chain and answer the

questions below.




(1)                Go to

frogs/chain_reaction/index.cfm and click on “play the game” to begin.


Answer the questions below:


        1.    A person is called a _____________________________________ because they 
     eat meat & vegetables.

2.    Food gives people and animals __________________________________.


3.    ________________________ are animals that only eat meat.


4.    ________________________ are animals that only eat plants.


(2)      Choose the Forest Food Chain.


            1.     What animals were in your food chain? Place them in the correct order.


          2.      What 5 things happen if you take the frog out of the food chain?




(1)                Go to

          and choose one of the three food webs. Put the food web together!


Consumers are living things that need producers to be their food (animals and people)

Producers – living things which take the non living matter from the environment (plants)

Decomposers – living things which feed off of dead plants and animals (bacteria, fungi)


(2)        Using the information in the table above answer the following questions about your food      



              Name a consumer in your food web ____________________________________


              Name a producer in your food web _____________________________________


             Name a decomposer in your food web ___________________________________




A. Carbon Cycle


(1)            Go to  Click and complete scene 1.

(2)           Name 2 places on the earth we find carbon:


        1.    __________________________     2.  ________________________________



(3)     Go to, read about the carbon cycle and fill in the blanks below:


           Plants pull carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere to make food, through
           a process called ____________________.


           Through food chains animals get ____________ from the plants and other animals they eat.


            When plants and animals die and ____________, carbon goes back into the ground.

            Some carbon is buried deep in the ground and forms _________________ ___________.

            When humans burn fossil fuels, ________________ is released back into the atmosphere.


            When humans and animals exhale, they release carbon back into the air by a process called



 B.    Nitrogen Cycle


Go to the website and answer the questions below:


1.       What are 2 ways nitrogen becomes useable toplants, humans and animals:






2.       How do herbivores obtain the nitrogen they need? _____________

3.       How is nitrogen returned to the atmosphere? ________________

4.       What are two ways humans impact the nitrogencycle:








Go to and answer the following questions:


          1.    What is population ___________________________________________________




          2.   Two things that increase a population

                    a.  ______________________________  b.  ____________________________


           3.  Two things that decrease a population:

                    a. _______________________________ b. ____________________________





Go to and answer the following questions


1.    What is biodiversity ___________________________________________________




2.        What is the estimated number of species existing on earth today_____________________


3.        How many species have been named(a) and why may this number actually be too high(b)


a.      _______________ b.  ____________________________________________


4.         What is a species_____________________________________________________




5.        What are the five main pressures on biodiversity













6.        Describe three of the reasons that biodiversity is important










Go to and answer the following questions


Click on Primer, then Bioinfomatics. 


1.       What is bioinfomatics____________________________________________________






          Click on Databases and Tools, then ENTREZ, then Genome Project


          2.  There are two prokaryotic kingdoms: Archae and Bacteria (Eubacteria).  List the four Eukaryotic kingdoms










          Click on mammals and write out four scientific names (Genues species) and the associated common names











Part II: Impact of Human Activity on Ecosystems


Choose and read about one of many impacts that humans have on ecosystems from the list below:


Impact of Human Activity on Ecosystems


Human Soil Erosion

Extinction of Species



Greenhouse Effect


List two facts you learned about the impact you chose:


1.    _______________________________________________________

 2.   _______________________________________________________



Part III: Biomes Around the World



(1)                Go to and answer the following questions.

(2)              What are the 6 Biomes of the World? ___________,

_______, ___________, ______________, ___________, ___________.

(3)              What are the 3 Freshwater Ecosystems and the 3 Marine Ecosystems?

a.       Freshwater =

b.      Marine =

(4)              Click on one of the six biomes. Choose one topic from the left column.

Write 3 sentences describing the information in this topic. Do not copy word for word!




Congratulations, ecologists!

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